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13th January – Wild, Wild West (Roll and Write Revolution) by Lagniappe Games

2nd February 2021 – Cult of the Deep by B. A. Games

2nd February 2021 – Uranus by The Dark Imp

March 2021 – Mango, Mango by Paodle Games

April 2021 – CastleScape by Praetorian Games

April/May 2021 – Castleshire by Cheap Sheep Games

Spring 2021 – TBC – 3rd Game in the Assembly Series by Wren Games

Spring 2021 – UFO Wave by Paradigm Games

June 2021 – Distilled by Paverson Games

Summer 2021 – ChronoConflict by Best Out Of Five Game

November 2021 – Malum Hortus by Atikin Games

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