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14th July – 18th August Top Tale: Get To Know Your Fellow Human by Yub Nub Games

25th July – 13th August Animal World War by Half Monster Games

27th July – 26th August Rucksack by Grumpy Spider Games

29th July – 28th August Mission to Planet Hexx by Move Rate 20 Games


4th August – Swatch by Minerva Tabletop Games

25th August 2020 – Deck of Wonders by Furia Games

August 2020 – Funki Fruit in association with Clever Unicorn Games

August 2020 – Perilous Tales by Man O’ Kent Games

September 2020 – SSO: Rage of Montalbano by Man O’ Kent Games

October 2020 – Fearsome Wilderness by Geektopia Games

November 2020 – Royal Chambers by Cheap Sheep Games

Fall 2020 – The Interregnum by Positronic Games

Fall 2020 – Cult of the Deep by B. A. Games

March 2021 – Malum Hortus by Atikin Games

Spring 2021 – TBC – 3rd Game in the Assembly Series by Wren Games

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