1st July 2020

Indie Tabletop Newsletter features Atikin Games

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18th May 2020

Fourtato Games features Tri To Win and Atikin Games

I worked closely with JC Cheuk from Fourtato Games on this article, it’s the first piece of press for the game that I’ve had input on and my first ever interview about board game design. It’s well worth a read if you’d like to learn more about my background and how Tri To Win came to life.

17th February 2020

Bestoutoffivegames features Tri To Win

Bestoutoffivegames did a lovely little feature of Tri To Win and it’s Kickstarter campaign on Instagram.

15th February 2020

Strategy Game Geeks features Tri To Win

This was another surprise feature in Strategy Game Geeks mini game previews, they had some lovely things to say about Tri To Win’s Kickstarter campaign and the game itself (what they could tell from the Kickstarter page at least).

6th February 2020

The Gaming Gang features Tri To Win

This was Atikin Games’ first real article/press and it was incredibly exciting as I didn’t know it was coming at all. The Gaming Gang featured Tri To Win in an article on their website and mentioned the Kickstarter campaign on their regular live video stream ‘The Daily Dope’.

2nd February 2020

Zeebeevee features Tri To Win

Zeebeevee wrote a wonderful piece about Tri To Win on Instagram after hours of play testing the game with a local gaming group. This one made me blush!

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