Malum Hortus

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You wake to the sweet smell of flowers. Aches run through your body as you try to move. You’ve been asleep on the cold and unforgiving ground. Trying not to panic, you take stock; you aren’t injured, but you can’t remember where you are or why you chose to sleep here. Was it your choice to sleep here? No, you wouldn’t, you know yourself, you would have found shelter and comfort. You wrack your brain for your last memory and finally you remember, the beautiful flowers, the alluring smell. During the day this place seemed like heaven, so inviting, you never wanted to leave and a chill of dread takes hold of you as you realise that maybe you never will, because now you remember it all. As the sun went down this wonderful garden with its peaceful sights and sounds began to change. All that seemed right was then wrong. You saw cruel eyes, gnashing teeth, hungry smiles, and all from the flowers you so adored. The lashing vines, the razor-sharp thorns. They knocked you out, they’ve been feeding on your energy, you can feel it, your magic is drained. How will you fight back if you can’t even…? You take a deep breath and pull yourself together, you know you need to get out of here and there’s precious little daylight left. Move during the day, hide away at night and do all you can to break out of this nightmare, to escape Malum Hortus.

In Progress Artwork for Malum Hortus