Captain the Mascot

This is Captain, he’s the mascot and logo inspiration for Atikin Games

When he’s not sleeping on the job he’s leaping on to games mid play to test the durability of it’s pieces… he’s very commited to the job

He enjoys being camoflagued

But can’t hide his beautiful eyes

He’s cuddly and a little codependent

He’ll hide in anything, especially if a friend has brought it in from the outside world… if you haven’t spotted him yet he’s in that bag

He sits in the weirdest places

He likes to join in on the fun

He doesn’t fit in every box… but that won’t stop him

He loves bedtime so long as he’s allowed to stay

And he’s damn cheeky

How I keep my mascot happy

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Captain’s Favourite Toys

Little mice – Captain has two of these little white mice. His lost their tails long ago and have become like a comfort blanket for him, so much so I’m scared to wash them in case he won’t like them anymore. He takes them around the house with him, meowing loudly so we know he has a gift to share with us. Sometimes he manages to carry both at once, I have no idea how!!

Feather exercise wand – This was a complete revelation. We’ve all dragged a string along the ground for a cat to play with, there’s tonnes of cat toys that are combinations of feathers or ribbons on sticks; this stick toy is bouncy! It’s got feathers, it’s got that same stick and ribbon appeal but with the addition of unpredictability. It’s got everything The Atikin Games Mascot needs for exercise and fun!

Tinsel toys – They’re just tinsel/metallic paper balls but he loves them so much! When in the right mood he will bring me or my husband one of them, we throw it for him, he jumps into the air, bats it on the ground for a bit, then brings it back to be thrown again. That’s right! Captain plays fetch! Just the sound of the rustling tinsel is enough to turn my 9-year-old cat in to a kitten again.

Catnip Toy – Captain’s one is a blue caterpillar. There are so many cat toys with catnip in them and then after a few weeks they lose their potency. These ones come with dried catnip so you can refill it. He loves catnip so much, I have found if the toy is in one place on the carpet for long enough he’ll treat that piece of carpet like it’s catnip infused too, it’s really quite adorable to watch.

Self-righting mouse on ball – it’s from a set he got from a friend for Christmas and it has quickly become a favourite. You can roll the ball towards him and as the mouse will flip back to vertical it’s the perfect toy for self-play. When he gets to batting it it’s a lot like watching a boxer on a speed ball punching bag.

Captain’s Favourite Noms

Dreamies – I’m yet to find a flavour he doesn’t love, I’ve even resorted to buying the big tub.

Hairball paste – this weird paste helps with fur balls, it’s also – as far as Captain’s own review – absolutely delicious.

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