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Happy New Year! We have two exciting things coming up….

Firstly, Library Labyrinth will be launched on Kickstarter on 8 March. We’ve been doing more artwork, including the front of the box (woooohooo!) and the prototypes should be arriving any day.

Secondly, we have a new Roll & Colour card. This one is a two player game featuring hearts. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! Like the others, it involves rolling dice and choosing which shapes to colour in. Also like the others, its available as a PDF or a good quality greetings card with a red envelope. The Kickstarter is going to be 11-18 Jan, and it will be fulfilled by 1 Feb…so if you want to send a Valentine’s card to someone this year, back to the KS! It’s only £1 for the PDF.

Roll & Colour Hearts!

Happy New Year from Eurydice Games! We wish you all a much better 2022 than 2021 (again!). We’re hard at work on the 3-4 player expansion for FlickFleet, but in the meantime we’re finally getting around to making STL files for FlickFleet so you can 3D print your own fleets (previously it was only available P&P for laser-cutting). We’ve done the files for 3 out of the 4 boxes, and now we just need to do the final one and get all the instructions written up. We’re hoping to make them available in January. If you’re interested in printing FlickFleet at home, you can sign up to our quarterly newsletter below to be notified when we get them up for sale.

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It has obviously been a strange 18 months or so for anyone in the gaming industry, for a hobby associated with getting strangers around a table and handing pieces back and forth between them, or with allowing families to gather together indoors for amusement the pandemic has been a mixed blessing. Personally I went from attending around six to eight conventions each year to zero, and I was delighted to get back out there this month at Milton Hundred’s Broadside gaming convention where I had a great time demonstrating Gaslands and A Billion Suns. We have a printing completion date of 20th January for SSO, so should be releasing both the pledge manager as well as opening pre-orders fairly soon for both SSO and Turing.

With the new year coming up and our last two campaigns nearing fulfillment we’re starting to focus on our next couple of releases. In mid-2022 we will be releasing a final set of expansions for SSO including both standard Challenge Decks and Deluxe Expansions including new crew and locations as well as stories of rampaging alien killing machines and murderous crew turning on each other.

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Later in the year we will hopefully finally be releasing our collaborative story telling game A Song of Tales, as a game best played face to face with a small group it’s been delayed by the necessity of a digitally distanced year, but it has given us the chance to polish and tweak it, so we’re sure it will be our best game yet.

It’s been a busy month at the end of an unusual year or so, but there’s a lot coming up, we look forward to sharing it all with all of you.

Man O’ Kent website

Firstly, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all those that celebrate this time of year! December has been an extra busy month for us here at Unfringed. Our big news is that we finally got the large Zuuli order in with our manufacturer which feels like such a huge milestone to hit. Now we’ve got a little bit of a waiting game until we expect delivery of it towards the end of January, at which point we will be sending off a handful of copies to get the safety checks done for the UKCA mark. Once that is done all of our wonderful Kickstarter backers will get their copies shipped off to them and I can’t wait to hear what people think. Moving to the rigid box has really helped add that extra quality to the final product and the textured cards really do feel fantastic when shuffling and just holding in your hand.
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Next steps for us will be to get the Gamefound Pledge Manager sent out once it’s been approved by Gamefound. It’s mostly done and just running a few tests to make sure it’s easy as possible for people.

That’s it for now so Happy New Year all and may 2022 be filled with many exciting games and friendly faces to play them with. Chris.

Zuuli off to the Factory!

Well with it being the start of a new year it’s got me thinking about how far UFO Wave has come throughout 2021.

Despite the ever looming shadow of the worldwide pandemic, we managed to successfully get the word out about the game through social media (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube), the website, our table at the UK Games Expo and numerous dedicated advertising campaigns. All of this effort combined lead to us reaching our Kickstarter funding goal in under 3 days, without a doubt one of the best moments since first starting the project.

With our successful campaign we then moved on to utilising Gamefound for the pledge manager. Around the same time we received our first production sample of the game from China, another truly wonderful moment. After some final design decisions (including the choice of a gloss instead of matte box to make the colours pop), the manufacturing commenced. And in mid-December the shipment from our manufacturer Hero Time finally went out to all the backers of the game. Right now it’s being sent all around the world, including hundreds of additional copies heading to us here in the UK. It’s been a truly busy but amazing year!

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We have decided to go down the Amazon route for sales of the production copies of the game. Once the shipment arrives we will be looking into getting this set up. So if you missed out on the Kickstarter, you’ll then have the chance to get on board and join the UFO Wave!

Official UFO Wave website

Happy New Year! – I hope you’ve all had a wonderful New Years celebration. I’m looking forward to all the possibilities that 2022 will bring. As I plan for the coming year the three items on my agenda that I’m most excited for are getting the artwork for Malum Hortus completed, continuing to grow my collection of hand-crafted board gaming accessories and attending UKGE as an exhibitor for the first time.

Hand Crafted Gaming Accessories – I want to focus on expanding the selection of gaming accessories available on my Etsy store. I have a great many ideas and such limited time to work on them. However, so many of my games, keyrings, dice bags, Board Game Survival Kits and gaming jewellery were purchased as Christmas presents over the last two months that it has spurred me on to bring more of my ideas to life.

I wanted to do a make 100 campaign this month for a new gaming accessory idea, but instead I’ve decided to skip the crowd funding aspect, make the ones I would have as prototypes and put them on Etsy.

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If they do well, I’ll make more so fingers crossed and hopefully I’ll have some photos to share of them for February’s newsletter. Once Playful Pets has some stock standing by, I hope to split my time equally between new crafted accessories for Etsy and Malum Hortus development.

Malum Hortus – Speaking of Malum Hortus, I want to get back to regular play tests and to continue with some of the creative writing aspects of the game. I plan for the artwork to be my main focus for a while and to regularly share the art as it develops on social media. My hope is to have it ready to play at UKGE and to launch Malum Hortus in September or October 2022 as a spooky Halloween themed campaign, assuming it feels ready by then. Malum Hortus is my favourite game, I love it, it will be Atikin Games’ flagship game and I want everyone to feel as passionate about it as I do; for that reason, I believe it’s worth continuing to work on it for as long as it needs so it can be all that I want it to be.

Events – The Christmas Market last month went well and made me feel a little more confident about exhibiting at board gaming events. I’ve been accepted to exhibit at UKGE this year which I’m incredibly excited about. It’s not until the first weekend of June but it’s something I have to look forward to now!

Etsy – as I’ve said, I do plan to grow the offerings I have on there considerably this year. I’m currently still fulfilling the last pre orders of Playful Pets and once I have finished those and made some as stock all three games will be available on my Etsy store. In the meantime there are still wonderful things already up on there for you to take a look at 😉.

The Atikin Games Etsy shop


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