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They say you can be captain for a day, if you wish hard enough. And that wish has come true as we journey across the skies, the water, and the lands in an all new adventure from Mike Petty Games! Roll and Write Revolution is positively head over heels about this game and we know you will be as well!

Peter Pan has recently seized command of The Jolly Roger, but he’s back to his wild adventures–all across Neverland and worlds beyond. Before a full week at sea, He knew he needed a trusted First Mate to take charge in his stead.

To find the most deserving, Peter devised a fiendishly fun contest. He ordered the Lost Kids one by one to take turns as Captain of his vessel–a new Captain for each new day. Then to ascertain the one most cunning, he tasked them with a regiment of deal making, offering all manner of schemes, promises, with aid from fairies and friends alike.

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“I’ll be back ere you miss me,” Peter shouted to his crew. Darting up and circling the crows nest, he looked to the first glimmer of sparkling stars. “Thrill me with your tales when I return,” he cried, zooming to the horizon. “Then we’ll lead through endless grand adventures together!”

Taking on the role of one of the Lost Kids in Neverland, your goal is to gain the most Command before Peter returns.

Because of Peter’s search to find a worthy First Mate, rounds start with one player acting as Captain. The Captain will offer Peter’s deal to the other players. They all present offers to the Captain, who must choose from among them, granting one player the deal’s benefits. After the deal is given out, each player takes a turn, choosing to either gather or use their resources. This pattern of deal making and player turns continues for a set number of rounds. Then there’s a final round when Peter returns. After that, Peter chooses the player with the most Command to be the winner, becoming his First Mate.

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It’s Bez from the past, telling you about Auction Land! – a game I’m co-designing with Doruk Kıcıkoğlu.

When you read this, UKGE will have happened. Hopefully I had new games released and some great 2pm events. But if you weren’t there, that’s probably not exciting for you.

So instead, let me invite you to sign up to our future Auction Land! testing. Are you interested in a game that mixes tile placement, set collection, and auctions? We’re already proud of it, and are making a private group on BGA to hopefully build a lovely community for A/B testing. We will have multiple options for some game rules that we’re not totally certain about and unless you choose a preference, they will be picked randomly for you.

We will sometimes ask for feedback on discord and the BGA group, and we’ll listen to (& ponder) every bit of feedback. But really, we just hope you have fun with the game, play a bunch, and we’ll work out how to make it the best it can be over the next year-ish. We’ll be growing the group slowly over the next few months. It should be fun. It’s entertainment, after all.

Sign up here

Fulfillment for The Morrison Game Factory is nearly complete worldwide! If you’ve already played, you can share your thoughts by leaving a review on Morty or Board Game Geek, or tag us @postcurious on Instagram or Facebook. If you haven’t played yet, the game is now in stock and available to order on our website, getpostcurious.com. We’re also excited to share that The Morrison Game Factory has won a Golden Lock Award from Room Escape Artist! You can check out the full list of 2024 winners on their website, roomescapeartist.com.

Our big news this month is that we’ve launched a Patreon! Support allows us more creative freedom and the ability to make additional community content between Kickstarters. For $5/month, get exclusive content and behind-the-scenes peeks. Higher tiers include exclusive puzzles, Discord access, and annual gifts. Join by 6/5 for a free Light in the Mist tarot card sticker!

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The Score Goes Digital! – Ludio is a new platform dedicated to playing social games online. It runs entirely in a browser and removes the need to have a communications program for mike and video. Just login, choose a game and the software runs it for you while you chat with your friends! And now we have teamed up with Ludio to put The Score online! All you need is a working microphone (a camera helps too) but everything else is built right into the game including all the rules. Currently it only runs on PCs and it works best on Chrome but that accessibility will improve over time. You can set up a game by just clicking the link below! Don’t have players? The Ludio community has a bustling discord and plays several times a week. So grab a crew and get heisting!

Try a Ludio demo here!

Happy June all! By the time this goes live I’ll just be coming down from the buzz and enjoyment of UKGE and will have hopefully had time to say hi to a bunch of you!

UKGE has also consumed a lot of my time across May too, with new banners to make, promos to design and making sure all of the stock arrives on time. I’m really looking forward to demo-ing and selling Molehill Meadows for the first time in person and also giving away our ‘Early Bird’ promo. And to tie the Unfringed-verse together I’ve also created a “Mika” promo card for Zuuli. Can’t wait and absolutely love this event.

Talking of Molehill Meadows the Late Pledge option is now available on Gamefound for all of you that missed out on the fairly short campaign. For the next month or so I will be keeping the shipping prices subsidised but after that I will have to put them up so now is your best chance to get a good deal.

That’s all for now and I’ll be back in July with all of the expo highlights!

Molehill Meadows late pledge available!

As I write this it is two weeks until UKGE where I’ll be helping to run a stall with Mike Hutchinson where we will have the only copies in the hall of Judge’s choice award winner for best miniatures rules Hobgoblin. Last time we won the award was for Gaslands back in 2018 at which point Osprey and a few other stands were selling copies, all of which we managed to sell out. So, we’re expecting a fairly busy weekend and I’m mostly preparing for that.

I was meant to already have a sample copy of Pukeapocalypse by now, but apparently a printer error has meant it needed to be re-printed. I’m pretty nervous waiting for a copy at this point since I’m booked to show it at the UKGE press event. Meanwhile I’m playtesting Playlandia, a game that should be coming out with another publisher, and just about to start playtesting Böll, a small game I’ve been hired to put together by the artist for Pukeapocalypse. All of that has stepped a little in front of my own project for Boarders and Black Flags, but its better problems to have.

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I’ll sign off now since I’ve got plans to make for a couple of weeks time. Have a great UKGE, and see you there.

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The Feline Crimes of No.29 funded on Kickstarter! Originally set to launch at the start of May, it actually went live at the end of May. It’s a set of two logic puzzles, both featuring the same four cats. Each puzzle takes about ten minutes to complete, which makes them the perfect little game for a greetings card! After all, it’s more exciting to get a puzzle through the post than an ordinary birthday card?

Our other greetings cards are also available on the Kickstarter for a reduced price (£2 per card, or all nine cards for £16) so do check it out.

By the time you read this we will have just returned from UKGE — let’s hope it’s a fun weekend! It’s always busy. We’ve been demoing copies of our new Library Labyrinth card game, which is similar to the original Library Labyrinth but involves the Librarian setting challenges. Who can be the first to capture Dracula, or to use a magical object? Find out more on our Facebook page!

Back Feline Crimes here!

Huff No More are a new indie publisher based in the UK. Huff No More was created by Joss to publisher our first game, Sakana Stack. Mike designed Sakana Stack which is a fast-paced card game for 3-5 players and set in the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. Inspiration was from Joss’s trip there in 2015. All of the artwork has been hand-painted with traditional Japanese ink brushes by Joss.

We launched Huff No More in January this year and have been building amazing connections with the UK indie publishing community since. We have really been blown away by the community and support for each other! It has made navigating this whole new world of publishing much easier for us.

We also joined the wonderful #BoardGameProtoHype community on Instagram which has brought together a group of designers from across the world to share ideas, support and knowledge in game development.

Sakana Stack Kickstarter page

UK Games Expo – was amazing! Yet again I met an entire hoard of fantastic people both those I already knew and some new faces I will look out for each year. All of the new products I made for the expo either sold a little or sold out, giving me more confidence in my designs and a whole host of new things to make. Amongst the new products were belts, caps, backpacks, cufflinks, dice chests and mini dice towers, with many more little bits like bookmarks and badges that all did well.

I am brimming with plans and ideas for next year, I’ll be getting a slightly bigger stand next time and laying it out in more of a shop format to make better use of the space. I cannot wait to get going on making more display stands to fit out my new shop!

Malus Hortus – I had a lot of questions about Malus Hortus during the event, despite not demoing this year I still had my MH banner behind me. With excitement building for the game, I’m hoping that people will still be interested once I’ve moved house and get everything in order before launch, fingers crossed!

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In the meantime, I’m still working on building up the follower numbers on the Kickstarter preview page. If you haven’t already, please follow the below link and click ‘notify me on launch’ thank you!!

Malus Hortus Kickstarter


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