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The Board Game Survival Kit is a fun gaming accessory that contains a combination of common board game player pieces and dice that allows you to play as your colour even if the game doesn’t include it. No more deciding between a bunch of playing colours you don’t want. Instead, take your survival kit with you to every game night and use your own game pieces. Designed to fit in your pocket to take along to board game nights with you.

Basic – contains 5 meeples, 1 pawn, 1 cylinder and 2 D6 dice
Meeples – contains 10 meeples, 1 cylinder and 2 D6 dice (made with worker placement games in mind)
Deluxe – contains 5 meeples, 1 pawn, 1 cylinder, 2 D6 dice and a mini 7-piece dice set, small velvet style drawstring dice bag (made with tabletop rpgs in mind)

Tin Sizes:
The standard size tin is 8cm x 5cm x 1.5cm and it fits the contents well.
You can upgrade to a larger tin size 9.2cm x 6cm x 2cm if there are extras you would like to add.

Label Colour:
Introducing Pride labels!
You can choose either a yellow or rainbow background for your front label! The tin contents will be the same.

If you would like extra components get in touch and I’ll create a custom listing for you, as a guide these are the costs of additional pieces:
Meeple – 40p
Pawn – 30p
Cylinder – 70p
D6 dice – 40p

Why the board game survival kit?
Practical reasons:
Reduce the risk of shared game components
A standby kit for print and play games
An aid for colourblind players (message me if you struggle with colours and I can privide stickers for your pieces so you know which are yours on the board)

Fun reasons:
Play as your favourite colour
Everyone in your family or gaming group can have their own

Available in 10 colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black, white, and any

Shrink Wrap
In the interest of reducing plastic waste copies of The Board Game Survival Kit will arrive in bubble wrap but without shrink wrap as standard, if you are intending to give a kit as a gift or require shrink wrap for any other purpose you can opt in to shrink wrap at no additional cost by saying so in the personalisation section.

The colours of product images online may differ from the products you receive due to variations in electronic screen settings (computer/laptop/tablet/smartphones).

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